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You’re counting the days, ain’t ‘ya?  In just a few short weeks, you’ll have that shiny new iPhone, all tricked out with the latest 3G technology.  Oh, yes… you’ll be blazing through the Internet at screaming near-broadband speed.  Or will you?

I was cruising through the AT&T website, and stumbled across the 3G vs. Edge Network coverage map, and one thing jumps out – if you’re not in an upper-tier market, that new iPhone may not be running any faster, because 3G may not be available.

AT&T tells us they are rolling out 3G at breakneck speed.  I’m sure that’s true.  But, on July 11th, some fairly large markets will still be waiting.  A quick look shows towns like Omaha, Savannah, Wichita, Shreveport, and even artsy Santa Fe are 3G-less.  Similarly, if you’re anywhere in Iowa, Vermont, Wyoming, or Alaska, you’re out in the cold.  And, the website gives no real idea when all that is going to change.

So, if you’re planning to feed on the faster Internet that the new iPhone promises, and you’re going to pay for it, it would be smart to make sure that you are getting serviced.  For a short time, anyway, if you can see cows anywhere near where you live, 3G is still in your future.

I live in Memphis.  I’m good.  But, I’m buying the new BlackBerry.  And, that’s another post, entirely.


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Apple Zombies unite! Camp out in line. Lie to the wife. Whatever!

July 11th – the day before my birthday – the new iPhone is out! Slimmer, faster, better, or so Steve tells us.

The new phone will boast G3 technology, better browsing, and promised longer battery life – hopefully enough to satisfy the hungriest zombie who endlessly wanders the Earth in search of brains. And, Steve.

So, I wonder. Will we see those scenes on TV July 12 (did I mention that’s my birthday), as Apple Zombies triumphantly walk out of the Apple Store, fists in the air, proving that they have heeded the calls from Cupertino to pony up more cash? Stay tuned, folks.

Oh, and bring an extra $100. While the base 8 GB model is black, the swankier 16 GB version comes in white. And, all good Apple Zombies will want to show that off, right? It’ll match that little Apple sticker on the back of the SUV.


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Eddie Izzard, the brilliant, executive transvestite comedian played the Orpheum here in Memphis last night on his “Stripped” tour. The sold-out show was insightful, irreverent, and just plain funny – the sort of show one expects from Izzard.

What I wasn’t expecting was to find out that Eddie may be an Apple Zombie. He, too, seemingly worships at the alter of things beginning with “i.” Some have reported that Eddie has appeared on-stage with his iPhone, which he uses to read Wikipedia. While I didn’t see it here in Memphis, he made references to it, between observations of Noah’s Ark, giraffes, and appendices.

“Ever notice the GPS feature in the iPhone is a bit dodgey, “ he asked. “You try to find your position, and it gives it to you within a 6-mile radius. Well, F&*%; I know that much!” Um. Yeah.

Eddie is off to Dallas next, and returns to Tennessee in a couple of weeks to play Nashville. Eddie Izzard live at the Ryman Auditorium. The Ryman? That is a bit surreal, now isn’t it?

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Imagine. You’re young. You’re bored. You’re an Apple Zombie. And, you have no place to go.

Sadly, that seems to be the predicament for two Bay-area teens, Daniel Fukuba, 17, and Eric Vicenti, 16. According to these brain munchers, they have been banned from the Palo Alto Apple Store for downloading third-party software onto an iPhone on display there. A big no-no, it seems.

The local paper has the full story – a horror tale for those us of who meander through our local Mac outlet, mindlessly trying to give money to the Grand Collective. But, at least for now, it may be that young Daniel and Eric will need to get their brains take-out.

Did I say “brains?” Yum.

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You know…  it’s tough to be Bill Gates.  You think the iPhone is really cool, but, alas, carrying one around the party circuit in Seattle just wouldn’t be cool, now would it?  So, what’s a multi-billionaire to do?  Make your own!

At the “D: All Things Digital” conference on the West Coast, current MicroSoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, unveiled what MS calls a “snipet” of the new Windows 7 OS, coming out in the next year, or so.  Among the Widgets Gadgets is a neat-o new touch screen feature that allows one to move objects, stretch them, and otherwise just play.  A demo can be seen here.  Look familiar?

Look — I love touchscreens.  But, I’m thinkin’… maybe MS should work on stability FIRST, and new Mac-like features second?  I’m just sayin’…

Perhaps Bill enjoys a tasty brain now and then?

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Perth had one. Toronto is gearing up. And, soon, it’ll be Memphis’ turn.

Yes, it’s Zombie Walk time, when the Undead Community congregates, and lumbers through town, feasting on the brains of the living. Oddly, here in Memphis, the Walk is Downtown, nowhere near the local Apple Store. But, you can bet some of the walkers will be wearing their iPods as they mindlessly follow the crowd.

Pictures? Oh yes, there will be pictures.


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Lawyers… you can trust any of ’em. And, they’re messing up our fun!partyballoon.gif

‘Seems that the head zombies in Cupertino are working on an “improvement” to future iPods that will calculate total cumulative noise exposure, and automatically adjust iPod volume to compensate. Papers have already been filed to secure a Patent, so we can expect to see this new feature as we whiz through 2008. Why would this happen? Lawsuits. ‘Seems potential liability has brought this about. Dang.

Also coming in the new year? Rumors are still rampant about a super-light new MacBook, that may be fully flash driven. Neato! That gives me yet another option for downloading iTunes via WiFi while sipping $5 lattes at my local Starbucks. And, thank goodness that WiFi is free. Oh, wait…

Happy 2008!

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