Apple Zombies around the world are awaiting the Big Day, July 11th.  That’s the day when the new iPhone, the one that operates G3 and has other enhancements, makes its entry into the market.  That day, people will line up to replace the iPhones they bought just months ago with the newest, shiniest object from Cupertino.

So, this begs the question, “what do I do with my old iPhone?”  Excellent question!  Up to now, there has been a bit of an aftermarket for those Apple gadgets.   eBay is full of 8 and 16 gig units (I said “units!”) “loaded” with music and even a few movies.  Sure, even when deactivated, the WiFi on the older phones will still work.  It’ll still make a really nice (though slightly larger) iPod Touch.  But, let’s face it – the old iPhones will be yesterday’s news – like used cigarette butts on the ash heap of history.  And, who wants that?

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Perhaps I haven’t been keeping up.  I was surprised to read today that a new version of my favorite Mac web browser, Firefox, just became available.  Dubbed “Version 3,” it claims a new look, some enhancements, and a few goodies I have yet to try.

Despite my obvious status as an Apple Zombie, I really prefer Firefox to Safari, so I loaded it right away.  At first blush, I am liking what I see.

The first thing one notices is a slick, silvery new appearance; it looks a lot like Safari, to be honest.  It’s cool lookin’, especially when you start typing an address in the toolbar (Just try that.  Go ahead; I’ll wait.).  But, is there any more power under the hood?  It would appear so.  Firefox 3 seems quite a bit quicker, due in large part to better memory management, loading pages noticeably faster than its predecessor.

Set-up was easy, of course.  And, gosh, the price is right.

I see no reason not to try the new FireFox.  The software can be found here.

A full review will come once I have become better acquainted with the new browser.  I am sure the review will be positive.


So, now we know a firm date on the new iPhone, the race is on. New BlackBerry vs. iPhone… which hits stores first?

July 11th will see the minions of Apple Zombies lining up for their latest fix of brains – and a new toy. But the exact date for the new BlackBerry is less certain. Pricing and release date info say that the new BlackBerry Bold, the name picked for the RIM smartphone, will be in AT&T stores in “July.” No exact date is offered. Release dates for other providers will follow AT&T.

While Apple Zombies are a mindless, obedient bunch, buying whatever they are told, I am not sure CrackBerry addicts are quite so motivated. They do, after all, have jobs and lives (not “un” lives), so time is limited. Still, it ain’t called “CrackBerry” for nuthin’.

Cost for the new BlackBerry will actually come in slightly higher than the new iPhone. So, guys like me, who really like their BlackBerrys, are saving pennies.


I’m a bit disappointed.

OK; I’m a Republican. But, still, I am amused by self-made Internet celebrity and Brittany Spears aficionado, Chris Crocker. I find the fellow Tennessean, who’s fame is now well into its 16th minute, oddly funny, and very occasionally insightful. Sometimes, anyway.

I just assumed that someone who seems so Internet savvy would dine on the same brains as the rest of us Apple Zombies. But, nope. I was just watching one of his angst-filled videos, and noticed a PC running in the background. A PC! Even if Mr. Crocker had an SUV (and, come on… he drives something far more fabulous), it would not sport a white Apple sticker. Dang.

So, Chris doesn’t dine on brains. But, then again, he has been quite open about eating other things.

Apple Zombies unite! Camp out in line. Lie to the wife. Whatever!

July 11th – the day before my birthday – the new iPhone is out! Slimmer, faster, better, or so Steve tells us.

The new phone will boast G3 technology, better browsing, and promised longer battery life – hopefully enough to satisfy the hungriest zombie who endlessly wanders the Earth in search of brains. And, Steve.

So, I wonder. Will we see those scenes on TV July 12 (did I mention that’s my birthday), as Apple Zombies triumphantly walk out of the Apple Store, fists in the air, proving that they have heeded the calls from Cupertino to pony up more cash? Stay tuned, folks.

Oh, and bring an extra $100. While the base 8 GB model is black, the swankier 16 GB version comes in white. And, all good Apple Zombies will want to show that off, right? It’ll match that little Apple sticker on the back of the SUV.


Eddie Izzard, the brilliant, executive transvestite comedian played the Orpheum here in Memphis last night on his “Stripped” tour. The sold-out show was insightful, irreverent, and just plain funny – the sort of show one expects from Izzard.

What I wasn’t expecting was to find out that Eddie may be an Apple Zombie. He, too, seemingly worships at the alter of things beginning with “i.” Some have reported that Eddie has appeared on-stage with his iPhone, which he uses to read Wikipedia. While I didn’t see it here in Memphis, he made references to it, between observations of Noah’s Ark, giraffes, and appendices.

“Ever notice the GPS feature in the iPhone is a bit dodgey, “ he asked. “You try to find your position, and it gives it to you within a 6-mile radius. Well, F&*%; I know that much!” Um. Yeah.

Eddie is off to Dallas next, and returns to Tennessee in a couple of weeks to play Nashville. Eddie Izzard live at the Ryman Auditorium. The Ryman? That is a bit surreal, now isn’t it?

Imagine. You’re young. You’re bored. You’re an Apple Zombie. And, you have no place to go.

Sadly, that seems to be the predicament for two Bay-area teens, Daniel Fukuba, 17, and Eric Vicenti, 16. According to these brain munchers, they have been banned from the Palo Alto Apple Store for downloading third-party software onto an iPhone on display there. A big no-no, it seems.

The local paper has the full story – a horror tale for those us of who meander through our local Mac outlet, mindlessly trying to give money to the Grand Collective. But, at least for now, it may be that young Daniel and Eric will need to get their brains take-out.

Did I say “brains?” Yum.