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Well, I hope this is fixed, anyway…

One of Mac’s selling points is that it runs Microsoft Office well. In fact, a new Mac ad called “Pep Rally” touts just that. Well… maybe not so fast.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran into a problem, which I had written about here on the blog. When I launched Word: Mac 2008, the new version of the program I live on (I am an attorney, after all), it crashed as soon as the splash screen came up. Again and again. Dang. It got to the point that I couldn’t even load the update; Office wouldn’t load to my HD. Huh? Word was now useless, and this seemed to be a common issue, as several other folks had written about the same thing.

Fortunately, it may well be that MS has fixed this issue. A couple of days ago, I opened Excel (oddly, other Office: Mac 2008 programs ran fine), and was told there was a “critical” 180 Mb update. “Would it even load?” I wondered. Amazingly, it did, and has run well ever since.

Its funny, though. Whenever I mentioned this problem to my PC friends, they laughed snottily, and said disparaging things about Mac. Hmmm. PC people — living in their virus-ridden, buggy, annoying netherworld. It does seem as if the problem was on the MS side, now doesn’t it.

Is this permanently fixed? Y’all stay tuned.



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As newcomers to Applezombies are learning, this is a blog about three things: Apple computers, Applezombies – those mindless idiots (like me, really) who believe everything Steve Jobs says is gospel, and zombies, the undead who feast on the living, and have fun doing it.

Well, we’re getting a lot of traffic today, mainly looking at Apple content. So, I would be remiss if I didn’t add some new zombie content. Fortunately, NBC accommodates.

I found this video clip on Hulu, one of my favorite sites. It’s silly. Ok, really silly. But, oddly, it tickles me, and has a cool zombie dance at the end. And, let’s face it – in the post-Michael Jackson Thriller video era, there just hasn’t been enough zombie dancing. So, enjoy. And, eat some brains. Fresh ones, if you can find them.



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