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images1.jpegRoughlyDrafted had a great post yesterday that predicts Apple TV will knock out Netflix and brick-and-mortar rental stores with one deadly blow.

Apple also couldn’t force all of the labels to sell their movies in iTunes as digital downloads. It could, however, get them all to sign up for movie rentals if it matched the rules the studios have laid out for Pay Per View TV and every other digital rental service. So Apple did. And after things begin to sell, Apple’s movie rentals will obsolesce the NetFlix mail model and the mainstream rental store. This is as obvious as the big Apple logo on top of the box.

I agree that Apple TV will have a major impact — due to Apple’s great brand equity, Apple TV’s intuitive interface, and participation by all the major studio players — but I don’t think Apple will be able to clear the field the way the iPod has done in the MP3 market.



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hd_dvdthumbnail1.png Lately, Scott has been writing a good bit about the Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD (why is this in italics? It’s a Blue Book thing. Dang lawyers.) question. And, as you might recall from a previous post, I was on the fence as to how to handle the ticklish decision situation. It seems after some late night larceny, I have arrived at, at least, a temporary solution.

Now, I have become a Apple Zombie of late. Apple Zombies are not just enamored with Apple products for their ease of use and overall elegance. There is a degree of laziness, too. We have become accustomed to just plugging something in, and letting the Spirit of Steve do all the work for us, as we quietly sip Jäger, or some other less-disgusting beverage.

All this leads me to my Blu-Ray experience. I have a wife who will give our kids nearly anything. Heck, if they told her they wanted an elephant, I would be shoveling massive amounts of poop by the next afternoon. That’s why my son has both an Nintendo Wii, and a Sony Playstation III. The latter, he simply doesn’t play with, ’cause the Wii is so much more fun. Really, it’s way more fun.

So, while he wasn’t looking, I lifted the PS III to hook up to the new big-ass HDTV downstairs. It’s a Sony TV and a Sony game console. This should be easy, I thought. They speak the same language. I’ll soon be watching my HD movies in style and comfort. Gosh, how wrong I was…


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hd_dvd.pngWow, less than a week after Warner Brothers said it chose Blu-ray over HD DVD and would no longer sell high-definition discs in both formats, Paramount is also apparently dumping HD DVD, according to a report today by Financial Times.

NBC Universal is now the only major studio in the HD DVD camp and — if the rumors are true — will be the only major studio that’s not on board with iTunes Store by this time next week. Instead of ranting about NBC Universal again today, I’ll just quote my rant from yesterday:

NBC Universal is going to have to make a strategic change soon. It would be the only studio with no movies on iTS, no TV shows on iTS, one of only two with no HD films in the prevailing format, was in the worst shape of the four networks prior to the Writers’ Guild strike, and has no big, go-to spring show like ABC (”Dancing With the Stars,” “Lost”) or Fox (”American Idol”). Jeff Zucker: roll over.

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There are so many rumors and news items blowing around, I’m going to need oxygen to keep from hyperventilating between now and Macworld. Let’s go:

  • Macworld. Steve Jobs’ keynote address is Monday, Jan. 14, 2008 — one week from today — starting at 12 p.m. EDT.
  • Movie rentals. BusinessWeek says today that Apple is close to agreements with Warner Brothers, Paramount and Liongate to provide titles for movie downloads in iTunes Store, and is also talking to Sony and Disney about rentals. Fox has previously been reported as on board for movie rentals. Rumored rental terms: $3.99 for 24 hours, which is competitive with rental and on-demand pricing. No mention of HD content.

More notes after the jump… (more…)

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I am more overwhelmed with options than Michael Jackson at a Cub Scout Jamboree.

The geeks came yesterday and mounted my new TV (that’s about the only kind of “mounting” those guys do, but, I digress.). As you can see, the wall is still opened up, as I have numerous wires and cables to snake through it. As I type, I have a too-short HDMI, some RG-6, and a composite cable run. hd_dvd.png

But, what do I connect to these wires? As Scott just wrote, there is no clear winner between the two new high-def video formats. And, I really don’t want to waste money on a format that will end up in the trash heap of history. Heck, I can’t even unload that old BetaMax on eBay!

So, will someone tell me what to do? Please?! My wife just wants to watch National Treasure in HD. That really shouldn’t be too hard, should it?

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The New York Times has a good piece today on the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD format fiasco. Basically, the studios and equipment manufacturers have continued to dig in their heels over agreeing to a single format and — surprise! — consumers are still sitting on the sideline.

The impulse Apple angle is to say that this is a perfect opportunity for Steve Jobs to announce HD movie rentals at Macworld and obliterate the format war by moving past it. The problem with that logic, of course, is that the same studios that cannot agree on a high-definition DVD format also have competing strategies for online content delivery.

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