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I’m a bit disappointed.

OK; I’m a Republican. But, still, I am amused by self-made Internet celebrity and Brittany Spears aficionado, Chris Crocker. I find the fellow Tennessean, who’s fame is now well into its 16th minute, oddly funny, and very occasionally insightful. Sometimes, anyway.

I just assumed that someone who seems so Internet savvy would dine on the same brains as the rest of us Apple Zombies. But, nope. I was just watching one of his angst-filled videos, and noticed a PC running in the background. A PC! Even if Mr. Crocker had an SUV (and, come on… he drives something far more fabulous), it would not sport a white Apple sticker. Dang.

So, Chris doesn’t dine on brains. But, then again, he has been quite open about eating other things.


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Imagine. You’re young. You’re bored. You’re an Apple Zombie. And, you have no place to go.

Sadly, that seems to be the predicament for two Bay-area teens, Daniel Fukuba, 17, and Eric Vicenti, 16. According to these brain munchers, they have been banned from the Palo Alto Apple Store for downloading third-party software onto an iPhone on display there. A big no-no, it seems.

The local paper has the full story – a horror tale for those us of who meander through our local Mac outlet, mindlessly trying to give money to the Grand Collective. But, at least for now, it may be that young Daniel and Eric will need to get their brains take-out.

Did I say “brains?” Yum.

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The smell of fresh brains still permeates Beale Street in Downtown Memphis. Yes, last night was Zombie Walk 2008 here in the Bluff City, as our town’s Undead Community meets for fellowship, fresh air, and to dine on the Living.

Zombies lumbered past the FedEx Forum, home of the NBA’s laughing stock Memphis Grizzlies, by Coyote Ugly, Hard Rock Cafe, and other tourist traps, and finally in the shadow of the statue of Elvis, the King of the Memphis Undead.

Yes, it was quite a night. And, we have photos. Lots and lots of photos. I have cleaned the blood off my camera, and loaded a selection to a Flickr page. Enjoy them, share them, pass them on, like the curse of the Undead.



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Well, my old Linksys router/wireless access point finally gave up the ghost – not a big surprise, I guess, considering it was about 5 years old.  So, it was time to get something new.

Since I bought the Linksys, back in my dreaded PC days, my thoughts have changed.  I have gotten a taste for brains and anything Steve tells me I should buy.  Thus, I ran to my local Apple Store when the need arose.  About 10 minutes and nearly $200 later, I had a new Apple Airport Extreme.

Does the Extreme justify its cost?  Of course not.  One can find suitable “n” router/access points at Target, Wal~Mart, or nearly anywhere for much less, that will do much the same thing.  But, that’s not why one buys most Apple gear.  It’s all about ease and elegance.  And, the Extreme delivers that.


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An exciting day for a new Apple Zombie

My copy of Office: Mac 2008 arrived from Amazon.com today (’cause it’s cheaper there than at the Apple Store). I am totally stoked.

Finally, I can write contracts, open swanky spreadsheets, and produce PowerPoint presentations for the wife right here on my new 24″ iMac. I am gonna be up all night. Big stuff.

You know. I just read back what I just wrote. Gosh, I really need a life!


BTW: Reviews on Word ’08 are trickling in. MacWorld has an interesting one.

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As I type, Britney Spears is late for a custody hearing regarding her two children. At the same time, the preliminaries for MacWorld are on-going, just up the road itn_singgerbritn_mazur_14769553.jpgn San Francisco.

Could these two seemingly unrelated events be coincidental, or is it something more?

Perhaps Britney munches the occasional brain? Lord knows, she needs some.

But, I digress…

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Most of what you will find on Apple Zombies is original content — stuff that either I, or Scott write. Still, occasionally, one stumbles over something that must be included.

Here’s an on-line survey that anyone visiting this site must take. It measures your addiction to all things Apple, a good marker for potential descent into Apple Zombie-hood. I am fairly new munching on the brains of PC users, so I only scored 45%. I do know, however, others scoring nearly as high as normal human body temperature. Of course, if you score that high on Apple addiction, whether you have any body temperature will be brought into question. Brains…170px-richard_cheney_2005_official_portrait.jpg

Next, another survey that measures your ability to withstand an attack of zombies — the attack that all of us, even Dick Cheney, know is coming. It will encourage you to buy that shotgun you have been eying (I believe, though, the Vice President already has one. Just ask Harry Whittington.). My percentage chance of survival was not much higher than my Apple addiction. Note to self: when the real attack comes, do not go back for the children.

Take the survey, and prepare!

The Editorial Staff (I love that — it makes us sound so big) here at Apple Zombies would be curious to know how well you survive the attack to come.  Comments below regarding your score are always welcome!

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