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Philip Elmer-Dewitt has an interesting piece in his Apple 2.0 blog this morning that traces Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman, Jr.’s assimilation into the borg warming attitude toward Apple’s iTunes Store.

Bronfman gave a speech two days ago to the GMSA Mobile Asia Congress about the future of ringtone and music download revenue for mobile carriers and boiled down to: Don’t be stupid like we were an, whatever you do, do not piss off Apple or Google.

Mobile carriers, content providers and handset manufacturers are in a three-way sumo wrestling match — wouldn’t that be fun to watch? — for control over ringtone and music-download revenue, and the mobile carriers are in the weakest position of the three.  The handset manufacturers (Apple, Sony, Nokia) control the interface and need content (music, movies, TV shows), but carriers are essentially utility companies.

I can’t imagine paying Comcast a commission on books I order from Amazon.


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