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I had a nice lunch today — a tasty snack of brains. Sure, my status as an Apple Zombie is well-documented, but, my brain-numbed mission to get Hannah Montana tickets is another matter, indeed.

If you have a pre-teen daughter, you know more than you would like about Miley Cyrus, and her annoying pop music-singing alter-ego, Hannah Montana. You, like me, can’t walk through the house withou220px-hm_title_card.jpgt hearing your daughter sing one of Hannah’s squeaky-clean tunes (does Miley even play an instrument?). But, alas, unless you’re willing to pony up a few hundred bucks with StubHub or eBay, getting tickets for her concert was simply impossible. Just ask the thousands of exceedingly-peeved parents, and state attorneys general who believe some underhanded shenanigans brought those tickets preferentially into the hands of scalpers.

So, yesterday, it was announced that a few more Hannah tickets for Memphis would go on sale today, at exactly 12 noon. “Why bother,” I thought, forgetting that as a Hannah Zombie, I had no choice but to try to snag a set. Still, I happened to be in front of my iMac at noon today (See? There is an Apple connection, after all), and gave it a shot. Amazing but true… I got four nose-bleed tickets at 12:03pm. This makes me — The Best Daddy in the World!

So, next Thursday, I’ll fortify myself with the brains of the living, and trek down to FedEx Forum for the show. I would rather stick knitting needles in my ears than endure the show, but, it’s a Daddy-Daughter thing. Wait… knitting needles in ears and Hannah Montana. Same thing, right?



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