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It’s Saturday — a good time to check out the local Apple Store, here in Germantown. Wow. It was packed! Dozens of Apple Zombies milling about, credit cards in hand, ready to worship at the altar of all that is Mac. It was quite a site.

Yes, the Nike, er, MacBook Air has arrived, sitting prominently in front of the store, next to the other MacBooks. “Come play with me,” it seemed to call. Yet, oddly, that siren sound was falling upon deaf ears.

During my short visit, I didn’t note much interest, at all, with Cupertino’s latest offering. Sure, the occasional shopper would stop, lift it, testing its much-ballyhooed weight, and move on — perhaps to software, or to pick up that printer the spouse has been asking about. I saw a MacBook Pro go out the door, but not one Air.

Hmmm? Was this just poor timing on my part, or is this new product missing the mark? Could it be that even an Apple Zombie is reticent to pony up a couple of grand for a laptop that has only limited use?

Only time will tell.



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It’s a cold day here in Germantown. But, despite the chill, hoards of brain-seeking Apple Zombies are converging on the local Apple Store.

‘Seems Steve’s vague promises of unspecified day-after-Thanksgiving savings on in-store items that may, or may not, be of use, had the Undead excited. You can see their expressionless faces as they emerge from the Store this morning. One zombie nearly looked me in the eye as I was taking this picture. Fortunately, a small shiny object, or the whiff of a fresh brain, diverted his attention, and I made my way out of the shopping center, brain intact.

Doubtless, zombies all over the country are making similar pilgrimages today. So, the malls are full of the Undead. Well, more full than usual, anyway.

Bon App├ętit!

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