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As newcomers to Applezombies are learning, this is a blog about three things: Apple computers, Applezombies – those mindless idiots (like me, really) who believe everything Steve Jobs says is gospel, and zombies, the undead who feast on the living, and have fun doing it.

Well, we’re getting a lot of traffic today, mainly looking at Apple content. So, I would be remiss if I didn’t add some new zombie content. Fortunately, NBC accommodates.

I found this video clip on Hulu, one of my favorite sites. It’s silly. Ok, really silly. But, oddly, it tickles me, and has a cool zombie dance at the end. And, let’s face it – in the post-Michael Jackson Thriller video era, there just hasn’t been enough zombie dancing. So, enjoy. And, eat some brains. Fresh ones, if you can find them.




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245px-hulu_logo.jpgThe Airing of Grievances and the Feats of Strength are still to come, but, the giving spirit of Festivus has visited the Baskind household!

I finally got my invite to Hulu, the kernel of an on-demand entertainment site owned by NBC and News Corp., just in time for this unholy Holiday (I choose to believe they “invited” me ’cause they think I’m special, but, as I often do, I digress). I must say… I have seen the future, and it is good. A few days back, Scott wrote a post bemoaning the lack of direction for Apple TV. After playing with Hulu, I have to wonder if any of this matters. If a day comes where there are sites where I can find what I want on-demand, paying for expensive hardware like Apple TV, or even TiVo may be silly. Obviously, we’re not there yet; Hulu’s content is limited — they are only partial seasons, and program choices are scattered. Still, it’s a start. I wasted most of an evening watching episodes of 30 Rock (I must admit, I have a thing for Tina Fey), and the few episodes of the old Dragnet up on that site (That show? Hilarious, though it didn’t mean to be).

Maybe if I put up my Festivus pole, and wish ever so hard, the Spirit of the Season will descend upon us, and shows like Seinfeld will appear on Hulu, and other similar sites. Until then, though, it’s no soup for you…

Happy Holidays!

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