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I am a new Apple Zombie. For only about six months have I been living on a diet of Cupertino Kool-Aid and the brains of the living. There is bound to be an adjustment period.stevo.jpg

So, yesterday was my first experience with MacWorld while part of the legions of the Undead. It was all very interesting, of course. But it seems that the day after can bring a bit of a a headache.

First, my iPod touch. Love it. Almost life-changing. Still, I have wanted a mail client for the Touch, as working with web mail is a bit clunky, especially on an iPod. At 11:45am Central Time yesterday, I got a text message from Scott. Steve, our Zombie Leader, is speaking of the Touch. “What can we do for the iPod Touch?” he asks rhetorically. The answer: mail, and a few other applications that allow access to stuff I can find on the web quite easily. The price? Twenty bucks. So, what Steve was really asking was, “How can we get a free lunch out of Peter?”

‘Not sure yet if Mr. Jobs can count of that Big Mac, fries, a drink, and an apple pie for the family just yet. We’ll see. Twenty bucks seems a bit steep for mail, considering third-party clients will be coming soon. And, I have a BlackBerry now, so the jury remains out on this one. Will I weaken? Depends… is there a full moon tonight?



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mefpod.jpgSo, last Friday, my wife and I were eating dinner together without kids. This probably hadn’t happened since Britney Spears was a virgin, and Hillary Clinton still had thin thighs. Yup; it had been quite a while. And, we were so enjoying eating without constant prattle about Hannah Montana or Star Wars light sabers.

Meg is a doctor, and was on-call that evening. As we were working on our sandwiches, she was paged by the hospital. It seems the brain dead (zombie?) at the nurses’ station needed a particular patient’s birthdate. “It’s in his chart, or your computer,” my wife replied. For reasons that still puzzle us, that wasn’t enough. “Dang,” my wife thought, “now I have to run home, get on my computer, just so I can read something to her that she is too lazy or stupid to look up.”

“So, any computer with Internet access will work, right?” I asked.

“Sure; but I don’t see a computer here,” she snapped back.


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images1.jpegTech analyst Forrester Research, which in May predicted Apple TV sales this year of one million units, says Apple has sold only 400,000 and will be lucky to sell another 400,000 before the end of the year. The report says Apple TV’s sales forecast tracks about the same as the GarageBand loop library CD-ROMs. Ouch!

I said a couple of weeks ago I thought Apple TV has technical, strategic and marketing problems but that the lack of content was the biggest holdup. Let me repeat:

I want to watch whatever I want to watch whenever I want to watch it. Any season, any episode. On my HDTV and in HD. Without waiting 45 minutes for it to download. Even if it’s live. Oh, and movies on demand.


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Yesterday was a bad day. I lost my iPod Touch.base_image-1.jpeg

Losing things can be disconcerting. But, if you’re a true Apple Zombie, like me, losing your sixth appendage with your music, videos, pictures, and Internet bookmarks can make you more nervous than Britney Spears the night before Star Magazine goes to press. It’s bad enough being without all your “stuff,” but, the more I thought about it, the less I wanted some numbskull flipping through my audio collection.

So, what?! There is ABBA on my iPod. Andrea Bocceli? That doesn’t imply that I am too limp wristed, does it? And, many manly men have Carey Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and Jon Secada on their MP3 players, right? Nothing too unusual there, I hope.

Then, it dawned on me. Scissor Sisters! I have Scissor Sisters on my Touch, and it’s a video! And, I have played it several times. You know, I like Jake Shears, Ana Matronic, and the gang, but, the guys at the gym just wouldn’t understand. Not here, anyway.

It was a nerve-wracking few hours until I finally stumbled upon my Touch. I hadn’t left it at lunch, or the gym, or in the hands of some nefarious sort. I had just misplaced it. So, I have my music back, and my manhood along with it.

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Politico.com has an interesting article up today. A study of students at swanky New York University says many would give up their vote for the right price. Among that group, 20% would gladly be disenfranchised for an iPod Touch.

One would think students go to NYU to improve their brains, not to eat the brains of others. But, apparently, not…

I own a Touch. But, I still vote. Perhaps, I am just too old fashioned; I paid for it.


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