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Barack Obama appeared on David Letterman last night, to present the Top Ten List, “Top Ten Barack Obama obama.jpgCampaign Promises.” Obviously pandering to the Apple Zombie vote, Senator Obama promised, “#4. I won’t let Apple release the new and improved iPod the day after you bought the previous model.” Bingo! So, Apple Zombies nationwide will lumberingly stagger to the polls (assuming their haven’t decayed past the point of locomotion) to cast their votes for the junior senator from Illinois. Brilliant.

Full text and video can be found here.

Another quick Zombie note. You may have noticed the Internet all atwitter with theories and conspiracy accusations about a NASA photo, showing an odd rocky shape on the surface of Mars:marszombie.jpeg

Some say this is a man. Others, Bigfoot. But, we all know this is indeed an extra-terrestrial zombie. Note the blank expression, the outstretched arms, and the depressing, vast wasteland. Doubtless, this tortured soul is canvasing the Red Planet, waiting for Steve to open the first off-Earth Apple Store. Hey, on Mars, Apple TV might actually work!

Why won’t NASA simply tell us the truth?


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The Nike+iPod Sport Kit was too obvious not to happen. It takes an iPod nano that is already perfect for running (lightweight, easy to navigate) and adds an easy, inexpensive speed and mileage tracker. The kit consists of a coin-sized transmitter that fits in your Nike+ running shoes — or other shoes with slight modification — and a receiver than snaps onto your iPod nano.

The reviews have been generally positive. Walt Mossberg (Wall Street Journal) said the kit is “a great first effort” and hopes a future version includes a heart-rate monitor. Macworld said it is “simple but ingenious, easy enough to use for beginning runners and technophobes alike, while reliable enough for even competitive runners.” iLounge and PC Magazine rave about the nikeplus.com web site that automatically uploads and tracks your stats after each run and allows you to set running goals and network with other runners.

I am a little late to the Nike+iPod party — it’s been on the market since July 2006 — but I had been eying the $29 kit for some time and my wife got it for me for Christmas. After running twice with the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, there are at least five things I like about it.

Click through for the full review…


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Lawyers… you can trust any of ’em. And, they’re messing up our fun!partyballoon.gif

‘Seems that the head zombies in Cupertino are working on an “improvement” to future iPods that will calculate total cumulative noise exposure, and automatically adjust iPod volume to compensate. Papers have already been filed to secure a Patent, so we can expect to see this new feature as we whiz through 2008. Why would this happen? Lawsuits. ‘Seems potential liability has brought this about. Dang.

Also coming in the new year? Rumors are still rampant about a super-light new MacBook, that may be fully flash driven. Neato! That gives me yet another option for downloading iTunes via WiFi while sipping $5 lattes at my local Starbucks. And, thank goodness that WiFi is free. Oh, wait…

Happy 2008!

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