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images1.jpegBelieve the hype. Apple’s movie rental announcement is a game changer for the maligned Apple TV, which should finally get some traction after a rough start. We don’t know yet whether the studios will stock huge catalogs of movies, but the iTunes Store-Apple TV-movie rental ecosystem is ready for its close-up.

A brief history of the nearly year-old and just-revamped Apple TV after the jump.



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There are so many rumors and news items blowing around, I’m going to need oxygen to keep from hyperventilating between now and Macworld. Let’s go:

  • Macworld. Steve Jobs’ keynote address is Monday, Jan. 14, 2008 — one week from today — starting at 12 p.m. EDT.
  • Movie rentals. BusinessWeek says today that Apple is close to agreements with Warner Brothers, Paramount and Liongate to provide titles for movie downloads in iTunes Store, and is also talking to Sony and Disney about rentals. Fox has previously been reported as on board for movie rentals. Rumored rental terms: $3.99 for 24 hours, which is competitive with rental and on-demand pricing. No mention of HD content.

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The Nike+iPod Sport Kit was too obvious not to happen. It takes an iPod nano that is already perfect for running (lightweight, easy to navigate) and adds an easy, inexpensive speed and mileage tracker. The kit consists of a coin-sized transmitter that fits in your Nike+ running shoes — or other shoes with slight modification — and a receiver than snaps onto your iPod nano.

The reviews have been generally positive. Walt Mossberg (Wall Street Journal) said the kit is “a great first effort” and hopes a future version includes a heart-rate monitor. Macworld said it is “simple but ingenious, easy enough to use for beginning runners and technophobes alike, while reliable enough for even competitive runners.” iLounge and PC Magazine rave about the nikeplus.com web site that automatically uploads and tracks your stats after each run and allows you to set running goals and network with other runners.

I am a little late to the Nike+iPod party — it’s been on the market since July 2006 — but I had been eying the $29 kit for some time and my wife got it for me for Christmas. After running twice with the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, there are at least five things I like about it.

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images1.jpegTech analyst Forrester Research, which in May predicted Apple TV sales this year of one million units, says Apple has sold only 400,000 and will be lucky to sell another 400,000 before the end of the year. The report says Apple TV’s sales forecast tracks about the same as the GarageBand loop library CD-ROMs. Ouch!

I said a couple of weeks ago I thought Apple TV has technical, strategic and marketing problems but that the lack of content was the biggest holdup. Let me repeat:

I want to watch whatever I want to watch whenever I want to watch it. Any season, any episode. On my HDTV and in HD. Without waiting 45 minutes for it to download. Even if it’s live. Oh, and movies on demand.


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images.jpegBig shocker here: People don’t like NBC’s new NBC Direct service.

So says the TV Decoder blog at nytimes.com, which links negative reviews from PaidContent.org (“not quite ready for prime time”), Silicon Alley Insider (“better hope hulu works because this won’t”) and Media 3.0 (“if you live in the Dark Ages, this might be a useful way to watch television”).


Maybe NBC and the other nets are trying the throw-up-everything-and-see-what-sticks approach to web content, but I just don’t see these proprietary sites getting much traction. Most people don’t want to plod through a complicated setup that makes you download special software.

Oh, and it doesn’t work for Mac.

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