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hd_dvdthumbnail1.png Lately, Scott has been writing a good bit about the Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD (why is this in italics? It’s a Blue Book thing. Dang lawyers.) question. And, as you might recall from a previous post, I was on the fence as to how to handle the ticklish decision situation. It seems after some late night larceny, I have arrived at, at least, a temporary solution.

Now, I have become a Apple Zombie of late. Apple Zombies are not just enamored with Apple products for their ease of use and overall elegance. There is a degree of laziness, too. We have become accustomed to just plugging something in, and letting the Spirit of Steve do all the work for us, as we quietly sip Jäger, or some other less-disgusting beverage.

All this leads me to my Blu-Ray experience. I have a wife who will give our kids nearly anything. Heck, if they told her they wanted an elephant, I would be shoveling massive amounts of poop by the next afternoon. That’s why my son has both an Nintendo Wii, and a Sony Playstation III. The latter, he simply doesn’t play with, ’cause the Wii is so much more fun. Really, it’s way more fun.

So, while he wasn’t looking, I lifted the PS III to hook up to the new big-ass HDTV downstairs. It’s a Sony TV and a Sony game console. This should be easy, I thought. They speak the same language. I’ll soon be watching my HD movies in style and comfort. Gosh, how wrong I was…



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A Elvis would say, “thank you; thank you, very much.”

The results are in. AppleZombies is proud to announce we are first runner-up in the competition for “the best new blog owned by two originally Tennessee-licensed attorneys, focusing on Apple Computers, entertainment, and zombies.” We are so honored.

The glistening statute, depicting a less-than-attractive, short woman, with a pock-marked face smoking a cigarette, is known in our community as “The Bally.” It was awarded at a sparkling black tie gala at a Circle K, just off US 35 in Xenia, OH. What a night it was!

Now, I should mention this. Despite what you may have read, Scott and I join in congratulating the winners, Bob and Chris, and their website, 2tennesseelawyerswhoareinterestedinapplecomputersentertainmentandzombies.com. We attribute Scott’s unfortunate comments about Bob and Chris’ parentage, and alleged rare social diseases, to Scott being in a blinding, irrational and uncontrolled drunken rage. We all have our moments, it seems.

Scott has promised to lay off the Jäger next year.

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