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images1.jpegEarlier this week, I posted a brief history of Apple TV from concept (iTV), to initial release (1.0) to the update announced last week at Macworld (2.0). Today, I’ll look at what Apple got right, got wrong and what lies ahead for Apple TV.

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There are so many rumors and news items blowing around, I’m going to need oxygen to keep from hyperventilating between now and Macworld. Let’s go:

  • Macworld. Steve Jobs’ keynote address is Monday, Jan. 14, 2008 — one week from today — starting at 12 p.m. EDT.
  • Movie rentals. BusinessWeek says today that Apple is close to agreements with Warner Brothers, Paramount and Liongate to provide titles for movie downloads in iTunes Store, and is also talking to Sony and Disney about rentals. Fox has previously been reported as on board for movie rentals. Rumored rental terms: $3.99 for 24 hours, which is competitive with rental and on-demand pricing. No mention of HD content.

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itunes_logo.jpegA network shirt and former network shirt took swipes at Apple this week.

Jeff Zucker, NBC Universal president: “We know that Apple has destroyed the music business – in terms of pricing – and if we don’t take control, they’ll do the same thing on the video side.”

Huh? Zucker is pulling NBC content off the iTunes Store over pricing and said it was “a relatively easy decision” because NBC only made $15 million last year on its iTS content. But how exactly did Apple “destroy” the record business? The labels seemed to be handling that job — $18 albums, no anti-piracy strategy — just fine before Apple came along.

Michael Eisner, former Disney CEO: “”[The studios] make deals with Steve Jobs, who takes them to the cleaners. They make all these kinds of things, and who’s making money? Apple! They should get a piece of Apple. If I was a union, I’d be striking up wherever he is.”

So Oprah Apple is making all the money or getting on iTS isn’t worth the effort? Zucker and Eisner need to do lunch and coordinate their whining.

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