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After seeing all the buzz last week about the Kindle DX, I kinda sorta want one, but the functionality and price do not quite match yet.  Amazon is marketing the new, bigger Kindle as as a reader for books, textbooks, newspapers, magazines and to a lesser extent for blogs and PDFs.  I would love it for all of those things — but not for $489.

Amazon introduced an an iPhone app in March that allowed iPhone and iPod touch users to view (but not actually purchase) Kindle books on an iPhone or iPod touch, and introduced an update today that allows you to purchase books.  (It’s just a web site with an icon and not as good as the Amazon app, so I assume this is a transitional step.)  I’m not going to read books on a 2.5-inch screen, so I’m not terribly excited about the app.

The New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post later this summer are going to offer readers the Kindle DX at a reduced price with a monthly subscription.  That would be a great idea if the subscriptions were less than $9.99 a month — and $13.99 a month for the New York Times? — and/or if you couldn’t get the same content online for free.  The $1.49-$2.99 a month pricing for numerous magazines titles seems more reasonable even accounting for the fact that the content is free online.

I’ll wait for the rumored 10-inch Apple tablet.  A $499-$699 Apple tablet would presumably compete with netbooks (Safari), book readers (Kindle app), and MP3/portable video players (iTunes Store).  If this is Apple’s answer to the Kindle — basically a 10-inch iPod touch — sign me up.


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