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Well, I hope this is fixed, anyway…

One of Mac’s selling points is that it runs Microsoft Office well. In fact, a new Mac ad called “Pep Rally” touts just that. Well… maybe not so fast.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran into a problem, which I had written about here on the blog. When I launched Word: Mac 2008, the new version of the program I live on (I am an attorney, after all), it crashed as soon as the splash screen came up. Again and again. Dang. It got to the point that I couldn’t even load the update; Office wouldn’t load to my HD. Huh? Word was now useless, and this seemed to be a common issue, as several other folks had written about the same thing.

Fortunately, it may well be that MS has fixed this issue. A couple of days ago, I opened Excel (oddly, other Office: Mac 2008 programs ran fine), and was told there was a “critical” 180 Mb update. “Would it even load?” I wondered. Amazingly, it did, and has run well ever since.

Its funny, though. Whenever I mentioned this problem to my PC friends, they laughed snottily, and said disparaging things about Mac. Hmmm. PC people — living in their virus-ridden, buggy, annoying netherworld. It does seem as if the problem was on the MS side, now doesn’t it.

Is this permanently fixed? Y’all stay tuned.



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An exciting day for a new Apple Zombie

My copy of Office: Mac 2008 arrived from Amazon.com today (’cause it’s cheaper there than at the Apple Store). I am totally stoked.

Finally, I can write contracts, open swanky spreadsheets, and produce PowerPoint presentations for the wife right here on my new 24″ iMac. I am gonna be up all night. Big stuff.

You know. I just read back what I just wrote. Gosh, I really need a life!


BTW: Reviews on Word ’08 are trickling in. MacWorld has an interesting one.

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