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14812546.jpgA couple of weeks ago, I had 30 minutes to kill. Being near our boutique locally-owned bookstore, I thought that might be a good place to find a WiFi hotspot, and just generally waste some time.

Almost immediately, my gaze caught a book in the philosophy section, The Undead and Philosophy. Expecting this to be some sort of joke, I thumbed through the book, which showed signs that many had done the same ahead of me. To my surprise, it turned out to be a real, scholarly work, discussing real philosophical issues through the lens of the Undead.

So, our Undead readers may wonder how they fared in this book. They might be surprised — assuming zombies are sophisticated enough to feel such emotions — to find that they indeed received sympathetic treatment. Manuel Vargas, an essayist in the book, for instance, unequivocally stated that “zombies are not evil — they are just misunderstood.” Now, here’s a guy whose brain you would doubtless love to eat! Finally, someone gets it — zombies, like you, are not “bad;” you’re just hungry. A zombie’s gotta do what a zombie’s gotta do. And, the bigoted Living, such as this writer, have been unfair all along. As the essayist claims, “it may not be evil to portray [zombies] as we tend to, but it is wrong.”

Bravo! Bravo!

So, if you’re a zombie, grab twenty bucks off the next guy whose brain you chaw for breakfast, and clumsily lumber down to the bookstore, groaning vacantly along the way, and pick up this paperback. Assuming your brain hasn’t decayed too far, you’ll enjoy this book, and the values it portrays.

Oh, and use Apple computers. K? Even zombies can use them.


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