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Lawyers… you can trust any of ’em. And, they’re messing up our fun!partyballoon.gif

‘Seems that the head zombies in Cupertino are working on an “improvement” to future iPods that will calculate total cumulative noise exposure, and automatically adjust iPod volume to compensate. Papers have already been filed to secure a Patent, so we can expect to see this new feature as we whiz through 2008. Why would this happen? Lawsuits. ‘Seems potential liability has brought this about. Dang.

Also coming in the new year? Rumors are still rampant about a super-light new MacBook, that may be fully flash driven. Neato! That gives me yet another option for downloading iTunes via WiFi while sipping $5 lattes at my local Starbucks. And, thank goodness that WiFi is free. Oh, wait…

Happy 2008!


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British music mag NME says a John Lennon collection of 21 videos is coming to the iTunes Store next Tuesday.  No speculation on The Beatles catalog, but I’m guessing a big fat NO.

The “video album” will be available at Starbucks on an iTunes Digital Release Card, which I gather is a display card with a scratch-off code and not a preloaded flash card.  I didn’t realize they had music videos in the late 1960s, so maybe Peter will chime in and explain that one.

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photojacksonmichaelthriller1-fd.jpegThey’re out there, you know. The Apple Zombies. The brain-numbed Undead mindlessly following the dictates of their jean-clad Leader. They live among us, blending in. But, we’re hip to them.

You have seen them, of course. They drive minivans and SUVs, identified in carpool line by the ubiquitous white Apple sticker on the rear window. They’re at Starbucks, sitting conspicuously, hoping someone will notice their newest MacBook, as they sip their double Frappucino, sweetened with Splenda and light cream. Their icy superior stares to those with PCs in the room are even colder than the five dollar drink they claim to enjoy.

For years, I had lived in a state of ignorant bliss, never expecting to become one of them. I didn’t need an Apple, I thought. My Windows box suited me just fine. Why change? So, I went through life, avoiding e-mail attachments, ignoring the annoying adware, and just thinking that reloading my OS was normal and expected. Eventually, I got the joke. It was time to move on. Had I become one of the Walking Dead?

Finally, in an act of desperation, I entered the Zombie lair, my local Apple Store. They were there, alright, walking though the displays with vacant stares, quietly, almost inperceptibly moaning, ready to open wallets to assimilate the latest technology from their Bay Area collective. I was among them, lost.

One spoke, as I displayed my Apple incompetence while wrapping on the track pad of a MacBook, looking for the Internet. “A Windows user?” one asked with a condescending tone. I didn’t answer, afraid of what might happen by looking an Apple Zombie directly in the eye. Still, I was feeling changed somehow, yet I still did not feel the need to dine on the flesh of the living.

I bought my MacBook that day, inviting this instrument of the Undead into my home. I like it. I cruised the Internet, opened e-mails, and wrote documents without crashes or viral infections. Or was it me who had been infected? Over the next couple of months, I returned to the Store of the Damned buying iPods, accessories, and finally the swanky iMac I type on tonight. Yes, I have become one of them, an Apple Zombie. See you at Starbucks.

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