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Apple Zombies unite! Camp out in line. Lie to the wife. Whatever!

July 11th – the day before my birthday – the new iPhone is out! Slimmer, faster, better, or so Steve tells us.

The new phone will boast G3 technology, better browsing, and promised longer battery life – hopefully enough to satisfy the hungriest zombie who endlessly wanders the Earth in search of brains. And, Steve.

So, I wonder. Will we see those scenes on TV July 12 (did I mention that’s my birthday), as Apple Zombies triumphantly walk out of the Apple Store, fists in the air, proving that they have heeded the calls from Cupertino to pony up more cash? Stay tuned, folks.

Oh, and bring an extra $100. While the base 8 GB model is black, the swankier 16 GB version comes in white. And, all good Apple Zombies will want to show that off, right? It’ll match that little Apple sticker on the back of the SUV.



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I am an Apple Zombie, a brain-numbed follower of all things that come from Cupertino. So, I should be carrying an iPhone, right? Well, not so fast.

I have written extensively about my iPod Touch, the entertainment device, identical to the iPhone, without the phone. So, before deciding on a smart phone, I became quite familiar with the iPhone platform. Still, I bought a BlackBerry.

To be sure, I love my iPod touch. When I bought it, I was using a Motorola KRZR phone, which had almost no ‘net functionality, so the ability to use WiFi on my iPod was revolutionary for me – almost life-changing. Finally, I was able to keep up with the world – away from home. I learned every public and non-public WiFi site in Germantown, and visited them often to pull email or read the Drudge Report. And, I could even listen to Kanye West at the same time (and, yes, I realize I just referred to Drudge and Kanye in the same paragraph).


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You know…  it’s tough to be Bill Gates.  You think the iPhone is really cool, but, alas, carrying one around the party circuit in Seattle just wouldn’t be cool, now would it?  So, what’s a multi-billionaire to do?  Make your own!

At the “D: All Things Digital” conference on the West Coast, current MicroSoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, unveiled what MS calls a “snipet” of the new Windows 7 OS, coming out in the next year, or so.  Among the Widgets Gadgets is a neat-o new touch screen feature that allows one to move objects, stretch them, and otherwise just play.  A demo can be seen here.  Look familiar?

Look — I love touchscreens.  But, I’m thinkin’… maybe MS should work on stability FIRST, and new Mac-like features second?  I’m just sayin’…

Perhaps Bill enjoys a tasty brain now and then?

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images1.jpegBelieve the hype. Apple’s movie rental announcement is a game changer for the maligned Apple TV, which should finally get some traction after a rough start. We don’t know yet whether the studios will stock huge catalogs of movies, but the iTunes Store-Apple TV-movie rental ecosystem is ready for its close-up.

A brief history of the nearly year-old and just-revamped Apple TV after the jump.


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Wow, the gang’s (almost) all here. Bloomberg says today that Warner Bros. will join several other studios in making movies available on iTunes Store for sale and rental. The announcement will come in Steve Jobs’ keynote address Monday morning at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

Bloomburg says Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Disney and Lionsgate will participate in the iTS rental service, which will charge $3.99 for a 24-hour rental. Earlier this week, BusinessWeek said Sony could also be on board. That would leave idiot studio NBC Universal as the only holdout among the major studios.


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The New York Times has a good piece today on the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD format fiasco. Basically, the studios and equipment manufacturers have continued to dig in their heels over agreeing to a single format and — surprise! — consumers are still sitting on the sideline.

The impulse Apple angle is to say that this is a perfect opportunity for Steve Jobs to announce HD movie rentals at Macworld and obliterate the format war by moving past it. The problem with that logic, of course, is that the same studios that cannot agree on a high-definition DVD format also have competing strategies for online content delivery.

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Half full: Movie rental downloads in iTS. Half empty: Only two of five major studios are on board — not enough to justify buying an Apple TV and dropping Netflix or Comcast.

Variety says Steve Jobs will announce Jan. 14 in his Macworld keynote that 20th Century Fox and Disney movie titles as pay-per-view downloads in iTS. Terms: $2-$5 for 24-hour viewing. Variety says Sony, Universal and Warner Brothers are not involved in the announcement.

PPV downloads have been a long time coming for Apple so this is definitely good news, but I’m only shrugs about the whole movies-over-the-Internet deal until there’s a critical mass of content available for my HDTV. I’ll grant that Apple TV is a great delivery system for such content, but I’m not ready to pay $299 for a set-top box that is less capable than Comcast On Demand and still needs an Internet connection.


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