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Perth had one. Toronto is gearing up. And, soon, it’ll be Memphis’ turn.

Yes, it’s Zombie Walk time, when the Undead Community congregates, and lumbers through town, feasting on the brains of the living. Oddly, here in Memphis, the Walk is Downtown, nowhere near the local Apple Store. But, you can bet some of the walkers will be wearing their iPods as they mindlessly follow the crowd.

Pictures? Oh yes, there will be pictures.



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I have been thinking quite a bit over the past few days about what this blog should have. On some levels, the answer is obvious: little snipets of Apple news, and the odd reflections of the “I am smarter than you” zombies who follow the teachings of a particular Cupertino, California fruit company.

But, perhaps I should focus just a bit on the “zombies” in “Apple zombies.” It may well be that certain members of the Undead Community (the “biologically challenged?”) are coming to this website, looking for content. So, for the hungry-for-flesh set, we offer the following:

Mmmmmmm…. Braaaaaaaaaaaains. Grrrrrrr. Braaaaaaaaaains. iiiiiiiiiPod. Must … follow … Steve. Can’t … use … Windows. Apple … better. Need… uh … Mmmmmm … braaaaaaaaains.

Thank you. Welcome!

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